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With a revved up new website in place, the groundbreaking, community-run O+ Festival — where artists and musicians barter their work for health care services — is in high gear, fielding submissions from musicians and visual artists for inclusion in the fourth annual festival in Kingston, NY on October 11th through 13th.

This grassroots, band-aid solution to inaccessible healthcare for the creative community
“In the last three years, we’ve had people write in from all over the U.S. asking to replicate what we’re doing, and now we’re pleased to say that we are ready to extend our reach, and help other communities — starting with our new friends and collaborators in San Francisco — carry out in their own neighborhoods what we have been striving to do in Kingston,” says Festival Co-Founder Joe Concra. “O+ breaks down the barriers between working artists and access to health care, and helps communities foster wellness from the bottom up by unifying them, and highlighting the value each member of a community contributes, whether they’re a painter, a sound engineer, a bar owner, a nurse or a dentist… And in the process, we throw a great party.”

This year, the non-profit, volunteer-produced O+ will present nearly 50 performances by approximately 130 musicians from all over the Hudson Valley region and beyond. Likewise, about 30 visual artists and filmmakers will be selected to exhibit public art pieces throughout the Uptown Kingston neighborhood. As always, the musicians and artists gain access to a pop-up O+ Clinic in exchange for their contributions to festival programming, where they will have access to a wide menu of services ranging from primary care, physical and occupational therapy, psychological screenings and follow-up visit vouchers to massage, acupuncture, eye care and dental.
isn’t just content with making its mark here on the East Coast.

Organizers have announced the launch of O+SF, a second O+ Festival slated for
November 15th-17th in the San Francisco Mission Creek District.

The 2012 Festival numbers (from only the Kingston Festival) are nothing short of astonishing. The event drew 2000 attendees who were treated to the work of 45 visual artists and 35 bands (note: 150 musical acts applied for these spots). A record $78,000 in care was given by 85 healthcare providers and four dentists. Launched in 2010, this three-day event has always been funded by donations and sponsors.

O+SF will open for music and visual art submissions on or about June 15th, according to the Festival team. Currently, the West Coast sister festival’s Facebook page is up and running, and the O+ team in Kingston are working closely with the on-site California volunteer core to get this newest extension of the Festival up to full speed.

Always striving to “Apply Pressure and Elevate” – to use the language of one of O+’s signature slogans – the Festival hopes to open a flagship O+ Clinic in the Kingston area in the near future, where artists and musicians will be able to barter their talents with art- and music-loving health providers on a year-round basis. Naturally, national expansion will follow as the Festival grows in size and scope. “We’re building and nurturing relationships between artists and health care providers that grow stronger each day,” says Concra.

Inaugural O+ Festival Video

2013 Accepted Bands

1. Jay and Molly ( Saugerties )
2. Invisible Familiars ( Brooklyn )
3. Kristin Andreassen ( Brooklyn )
4. August Wells ( Brooklyn )
5. The Vanderbuilts ( Rhinebeck )
6. Raccoon Fighter ( Brooklyn )
7. Ex Cops ( Kingston )
8. Coke Weed ( Bar Harbor, ME )
9. Buke & Gase ( Hudson )
10. .357 Lover ( Brooklyn )
11. Heaven ( Brooklyn )
12. Nicole Atkins ( Neptune, NJ. )
13. The Veldt ( NYC )
14. Wave Sleep Wave ( New Paltz )
15. Greg Foxx ( Brooklyn )
16. Dead Leaf Echo ( Brooklyn )
17. Week of Wonders ( Seattle, WA )
18. The Starry Mountain Sweetheart Band ( Ithaca, NY )
19. Ava Luna ( Brooklyn )
20. Richard Barone ( NYC )
21. And The Kids ( Hadley, MA )
22. NEON GRLZ ( Brooklyn )
23. Miracle Falls ( Portland, OR )
24. Alexander Turnquist ( Hudson )
25. Christopher Paul Stelling ( Brooklyn )
26. Nature Films ( Philmont, NY )
27. Liminal ( Woodstock )
28. Florist ( Palenville )
29. The Fasads ( New Paltz )
30. The Old Double E ( Kingston )
31. Johnny Society ( Catskill )
32. Snowflake ( Woodstock )
33. BunnyBrains ( Hudson )
34. Voodelic ( Kingston )
35. Common Prayer ( Brooklyn )
36. Small Houses ( Philadelphia, PA )
37. Ttotals ( Nashville, TN )
38. Swamp Baby ( Albany )
39. El Front ( Kingston )
40. Lucious ( Brooklyn )

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