Rara Avis: Art Inspired by Rare Birds


Tom DeLooza, Icarus, 2012, ambrotype, 60″ x 24″


Keri Oldham, Child Hero, 2012, watercolor on paper, 14″ x 12″


Tanya Chaly, Status Eastern Towhee, detail, 2011, gouache on paper.


Denise Orzo, Triple Goddess: Johannah, Hannah, Joan, 2011, encaustic on paper, 15″ x 15″


Neal Hollinger, Hair Comb #3, 2012, Mixed Media, 12 ” x 14″

Exhibit to Open June 2, 2012
Reception for the Artists from 7-9pm

Artists include:

Spencer Anderson, Mira Alibek, Shanan Campanaro, Tanya Chaly, Terry Clark, Tom DeLooza, Brendan Donleavy, Jenny Lee Fowler, Neal Hollinger, Maria Kozak, Linda Lee, Keri Oldham, Denise Orzo, Jason Polan, Paolo Rebaudengo, Jacob Rhodes, Michael X Rose, Suzanne Sattler, Gregory Slick, Angela Rose Voulgarelis

More information at www.onemilegallery.com

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