CAS Sullivan County High School Art Show Winners Selected

Color drawing by Xelina Encarmaceón, student at Tri-Valley Central School. Winner of the 2014 Student Prize for Color Drawing.

The Catskill Art Society and SC BOCES hosted a Student Reception for the annual CAS Sullivan County High School Art Show, a new exhibition of work by Sullivan County High School Students today at the CAS Arts Center in Livingston Manor. The show features 300 pieces in 10 media categories from Eldred, Fallsburg, Liberty, Livingston Manor, Monticello, Roscoe, Sullivan West, Tri-Valley and SC BOCES students.

First and Second prize winners were selected by an outside jury panel of artists and experts. First Place winners were awarded a $50 voucher to use toward classes at the CAS Arts Center. A Student Choice award was also selected in each category. These are the winners:

Black & White Drawing

1st Place. . . . Farrah Mills, Livingston Manor

2nd Place. . . . Molly Clarkin, Eldred

Student Prize. Raychelle Osnato, Tri-Valley

Black & White Photography

1st Place . . . . Raychelle Osnato, Tri-Valley

2nd Place. . . . Gladys Diaz, Liberty

Student Prize. Stephanie Acevedo, Livingston Manor


1st Place . . . . Colleen Jones, Tri-Valley

2nd Place. . . . Jordyne Shaver, Livingston Manor

Student Prize. Ashlynn Barbarite, Eldred

Color Drawing

1st Place . . . . Brianna Olsen, Tri-Valley

2nd Place. . . . Xelina Encarmaceón, Tri-Valley

Student Prize. Xelina Encarmaceón, Tri-Valley

Color Photography

1st Place . . . . Luke John Sanders, Livingston Manor

2nd Place. . . . Summer Bitjeman, Liberty

Student Prize. Summer Bitjeman, Liberty


1st Place . . . . Heather Trotta, Monticello

2nd Place. . . . Colin Rosinblum, Monticello

Student Prize. Kate Johnson, Liberty

Digital Art

1st Place . . . . Kylie Harris, Tri-Valley

2nd Place. . . . Daniel Dutcher, Livingston Manor

Student Prize. Virginia Krzysztofowicz, Eldred

Mixed Media/Printmaking

1st Place . . . . Brittany Almodoval, Liberty

2nd Place. . . . Tiffani Suhm, Fallsburg

Student Prize. Jamie Neylon, Tri-Valley


1st Place . . . . Sydney Johnson, Monticello

2nd Place. . . . Austin Wells, Monticello

Student Prize. Farrah Mills, Livingston Manor


1st Place . . . . Jonathan Nilsen, Liberty

2nd Place. . . . Amanda Fagin, Kelly Graham, Shania Leonardo, Tabitha Lilley, Erica Lynch-Cammarata, Marina March, Kimberly Marshall, Katlyn Meyer, Amanda Murns, Arlinda Mustafaj, Emily Peterson-Stanton, and Victoria Serrano (group piece), Sullivan West

Student Prize. Jonathan Nilsen, Liberty

The CAS Sullivan County High School Art Show runs April 12 – May 4, 2014. Gallery hours for this exhibition are Thursdays – Saturdays 11am–6pm, Sundays 11am-3pm, and Mondays 11am-6pm. The CAS Arts Center is wheelchair accessible. This exhibition is co-sponsored by Sullivan County BOCES.

Equis Art Gallery Open House Weekend & Grand Opening Reception, May 24-26


The Equis Art Gallery, located at 7516 North Broadway in Red Hook will be holding open house on Memorial Day weekend. The gallery will be open Saturday from 10-7pm, Sunday from 10-4pm and Monday from 10-2pm. In addition there will be a grand opening reception on Saturday evening from 5-7pm with a chance to meet several of the gallery’s artists.

The gallery represents some of the finest contemporary equine artists in the world today. New to the Mid-Hudson Valley, the gallery showcases paintings, sculpture, works in graphite and photography. The gallery is owned by Juliet R. Harrison, fine art photographer and Director of Ex Arte Equinus, an international equine art competition.

#CatskillBalloons By Artist Jason Hackenwerth

Aviary (reimagined) at Bridge Street Theater
Photo By Duke Dang

Direct from the rotunda of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, artist Jason Hackenwerth’s AVIARY (reimagined), sculpted from 6,000 latex balloons measuring 35’ tall and 29’ in diameter, has landed in the Hudson River village of Catskill.

Through Masters on Main Street, the work has been reinstalled throughout the village and will be on view through May 4. #CatskillBalloons will officially open on Saturday, April 12, 12-4pm when the largest portion is unveiled at Bridge Street Theatre. The opening leads up to Catskill’s Second Saturday Stroll on Main Street, where the remaining portion will be on view at 404 Main Street.

storefront windows
Daily through May 3, 24/7

44 West Bridge Street
Saturdays through May 3, 12-4pm or by appointment
Opening reception: April 12, 12-4pm
Stories Under the Big Balloons, weekly readings of children’s classics:
April 19 at 1pm – The Story of Babar
April 26 at 1pm – The Pigeon Man
May 3 at 1pm – The Red Balloon
Bridge Street Theatre will officially open in 2015 and provide live productions year-round. Complete details at or

For latest information please call 518.943.3400 or visit For more info on Jason Hackenwerth.

Bertolozzi’s Bridge Music Celebrates 5th Year, Tower Music Next


Composer Joseph Bertolozzi’s Bridge Music is back on the tower landings of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Mid-Hudson Bridge and available for the public to enjoy along with the majestic views of the Hudson River.

The 10 piece composition of Bridge Music represent more than five years of work by Bertolozzi.

Launched in 2009 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Henry Hudson’s voyage up the Hudson River, Bridge Music was created by recording the sounds of the bridge’s surfaces (towers, girders, etc.) with various mallets. Using those sounds to compose new works made the Mid-Hudson Bridge the largest percussion instrument in the world.

Building on the success of Bridge Music, Bertolozzi’s next venture is turning the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France into another musical instrument.

Over the last two-years, Bertolozzi harvested the Eiffel Tower’s sounds using microphones placed on its surfaces. He is now writing a work entitled Tower Music or “Musique de la Tour,” using only the natural sounds of the Tower itself. An album release later this year is anticipated.

Bridge Music is free and open to the public on the pedestrian sidewalk of the Mid-Hudson Bridge from dawn to dusk through October 31.

Part of the Walkway Trail Loop, the Mid-Hudson Bridge pedestrian sidewalk connects Haviland Road in Highland and Gerald Drive in Poughkeepsie. Signs are posted along the way leading visitors to a number of cultural and historic sites as well as great dining opportunities and fantastic views.

Several restaurants along the loop even have selections names after Bridge Music.

The Park Radio transmissions are also available for those unable to walk on the bridge or who arrive during inclement weather. The short-range radio broadcast can be heard on 95.3FM in Waryas Park in Poughkeepsie and Johnson-Iorio Park in Highland.

Bertolozzi also expressed appreciation for the support Bridge Music has received from the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum and the Math & Physics Exploration which have added Bridge Music to their curriculum and provided general support.

For more information on composer Joseph Bertolozzi, Bridge Music and the Eiffel Tower music project, visit

Sally Rowe’s “Vintage Pain” On View At DVAA

Photos by John Tomlinson

I am very drawn to old objects: their aesthetics, emotional resonance, and sense of mystery. I am also captivated by the charm and detail of tiny objects, and the small worlds they unfold. This is why I chose to create a small theatre of emotion and memory by staging vintage childhood play objects in a series of scenes.

The words are integral to each scene, and elucidate what is happening on stage. Throughout there is a melding of fantasy and reality. The story being told is personal, but not intended to provide absolute clarity; rather, it is open to interpretation.

There is a thread and chronological progression that links the scenes together, and suggests the order for viewing. The objects are only temporarily anchored, just as in life memories, feelings, thoughts, and interpretations of events change over time.

-Sally Rowe




Sally Rowe’s “Vintage Pain” is currently on view at the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance in Narrowsburg, NY through April 19.

The Moviehouse Studio Gallery To Exhibit Mastalia’s “Organic: Farmers and Chefs of the Hudson Valley”



On Saturday, April 12, 2014, The Moviehouse Studio Gallery at 48 Main Street, Millerton, NY will host the opening of a new exhibition featuring the exquisite and deeply moving images of photographer Francesco Mastalia. To create these images, Mastalia embarked upon a 17,000-mile journey through the Hudson Valley, and photographed over 100 of its farmers and chefs. This exhibition includes 36 of these images along with a personal narrative by each subject, including eight farmers and chefs from the Millerton area who were part of this endeavor. The Moviehouse is planning to present two public lectures in conjunction with this exhibition, to take place in May and June 2014. Full details will be announced next month.

The Hudson Valley has become an epicenter for the local, organic, sustainable food movement. With its rich agricultural land, awareness for sustainable living, and the growing demand for local, organic food, the ‘locavore’ farm-to-table movement has become a way of life here.

ORGANIC spotlights the Hudson Valley as a region at the forefront of this movement. It features the dedicated farmers who are committed to growing and producing food using sustainable methods, and the chefs who echo their beliefs and pay homage to the food they produce.

The photographs in this collection were taken using the wet plate collodion process, a technique developed in the mid-19th century, when the art of photography was in its infancy. Invented in 1851, the wet collodion photographic process produces a glass negative and a beautifully detailed print. The method thrived from the 1850s until about 1880.


Photos provided by Francesco Mastalia